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Chris Nager

Minimalist developer-designer in Brooklyn, NY

> Signum majoritatis

A side-scrolling game built in a single string


All 4,096 shorthand hexcodes


The 45 CSS color names that are as short as or shorter than their corresponding hexcodes


A simple color palette


The simplest responsive css grid


Debug your layouts with one line of CSS

Emoonji 🌝

A friendly chatbot that sends the current moon phases with emojis

Give 'n' Go

A curated gallery of Dribbble shots reworked as interactive CodePen pens

Cheer me up

Fun, custom pages in seconds


the simplest responsive css grid


Are we there yet?

UN Disaster Response

Currently working with the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative on a disaster and humanitarian response survey building app to be used by the United Nations


Let your friends be your city guides. (TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon app entry)


All available cursors


Debug your layouts with one line of CSS

simple palette

A simple color palette

✂ short color names

The 44 CSS color names that are as short as or shorter than their corresponding hexcodes.


All possible three digit hexcodes

tiny google fonts

Strip down your google fonts significantly to only include the characters you're actually using

Birthday hex

Find your birthday hexcode

SVG Please

Simple script to replace your bitmap icons with inline SVGs with bitmap fallback built in


What are your five most important items?


Ad-lib your tweets ‘javascript


Beautifully lean, ideal style sheets

Crafted CSS

A personal compilation of CSS practices I follow

Social Logos

Download official social logos v1

Origins v2

Care to reminisce? v3


Ben Thomson Photo

Awwwards Site of the Day

Totally Fresh

Experimental CSS3 design featured on Smashing Magazine

Center and crop images with a single line of CSS

19 Jan 2015

Bespoke SVG Reference

23 May 2014

Analog-style LED clock concept

25 Mar 2014

Simple vertical centering with CSS

10 Jan 2014

NYC Subway Lines reimagined with long shadow design

29 Jun 2013

Time-based media queries

25 Mar 2013

Hue bump with Sass @for control directive

17 Jan 2013

Display icons with custom data-attributes

21 Dec 2012


19 Dec 2012

Video and audio in CSS

04 Dec 2012

Natural curves

08 Nov 2012

My initials

23 Oct 2012

Touchable textures with CSS - can you feel me?

18 Oct 2012

Further simplified hexcodes

18 Sep 2012

Box sizing for pseudo elements

09 Sep 2012

An Event Apart and a Designer’s View of the Web

23 Sep 2011

CSS3 ::selection background color trick

09 Sep 2011

Chris Nager 2012 (Responsive Design)

18 Aug 2011 v2 is live

12 Jun 2011

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